Measure customer experience, get customer feedback

From Google Tag Manager to analytics and heat mapping, ChepriĀ® measures customer experience utilizing advanced data.


Measure and track success across all digital channels.

Utilizing advanced analytics and techniques that will improve customer experiences across all displays, Chepri® will work with your brand to get the right data measured.

Modern Market Responsive Web

Chepri® analyzes and collects data from all of your digital touchpoints, giving your restaurant brand insight into what your customers love about your on-line presence.

Business Intelligence

Chepri® help brands decide on what guest data is important, what's not, and in what format data can be delivered for maximum results.

Advanced Analytics

Custom analytics, served up to track customer engagement that can be used to understand where customers are succeeding online.

Usability Reporting

With heat maps and feedback loops, the Chepri® process focuses on your users to improve the overall customer experience.

Customer touchpoint data measured.

We will configure and monitor your choice of analytics solution providers. We can customize any solution to get the data necessary to improve your customer's experience across all channels.

Chepri® leverages user data to decide which application features require prioritization for future releases. We can also leverage this data to also provide information for what's not working, and remove those features.

Advanced Analytics

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Happier customers.
Give your customers what they want.

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