Fully managed on-demand cloud servers

Your brand needs high redundancy, consistent and high performance servers. Chepri® provides server and cloud management for restaurants of all sizes.


Cloud Hosting

With the proper combination of server administration and managed cloud, Chepri® will make sure your website, web app, or mobile api stay secure and up at all times.

Customer support

Technical support when you need it. Your web or mobile project may require technical support on an ongoing basis, such as upgrades, bug fixes, and troubleshooting.

Best-in-class scalability

Using the best cloud service providers we can scale your application and its server requirements to meet the every growing demands of a restaurant brand.

Most popular cloud networks available.

Fully-managed hosting environments are available on the most popular networks, leaving the focus to be on your restaurant, not your app. Our administrators will make sure that your website, web application or mobile API stays up and running.

Chepri® will manage your servers.

We have many web hosting and managed cloud options to choose from, and each one is customized the needs of your product.


Chepri® will manage all aspects of your server infrastructure, including operating system updates for any one of our hosted dedicated cloud servers.


We can run server monitoring to ensure that we get to troublespots before they become mission critical issues on on your restaurant brand's network.


Every last one of our web servers has 99.9% uptime to keep restaurant applications running smoothly after your final deployment to production.


Like a car needs a tune-up from time to time, performance tuning is a necessary part of the maintenance of your servers, databases and applications.


Our server administration solutions provide you with 24/7 access to our expert server management team. We remotely handle all of your server’s technical issues.


Chepri® provides application specific PCI compliant, exploit scanning, SSL certificates for the most powerful restaurant web apps and store-fronts.

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Happier customers.
Give your customers what they want.

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