E-commerce & Storefronts for Restaurants

Sell merchandise? Integrate your favorite e-commerce platform or let us build one for you.

E-commerce & Storefronts for Restaurants

E-commerce & Storefronts for Restaurants

Sell t-shirts or that secret sauce online with a restaurant themed storefront.

Seamless Ordering Integration

Sell an item, capture the user's data for the next purchase, and even let them login to food ordering at the same time.

Offer Merchandise at Checkout

Nothing makes a customer happier than being offered a select item right from your restaurant's gift shop or online store when they are purchasing food.

Earn Big Bucks on Merch

Add a new twist to your food ordering experience by offering branded merchandise at checkout when a customer is ordering.

E-commerce & Storefronts for Restaurants

Merchandise + food = bigger orders.

Give your guests a branded item at checkout.

Add an e-commerce component to your online food ordering experience, upsell schwag to patrons as they order food, or just set up a separate store and reap the benefits.  Imagine the ability to create a raving fan from loyal customers looking to order food.

Offer Branded Merchandise

Add a storefront to your guest experience for each location, and sell specialty items that are in-store or just online.

Merch as Upsell Opportunities

Add merchandise as an upsell opportunity during checkout, or even when someone returns to the site again as a repeat customer.

Create Brand Ambassadors

Get your merchandise to the right customer every time, creating raving fans around your brand - maybe even include a tee in your loyalty program.

Chepri helps restaurants with technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let's answer them.

What exactly is it that you guys do?

We're a full-service development company that helps restaurant brands better utilize technology to reach their customers. From mobile apps to integrated online ordering, we can improve your digital investment in many areas.

Is this an off-the-shelf solution?

No. Our services are custom tailored to your brand's unique requirements, not only giving your restaurant a competitive advantage, but serving up your requirements with a maximum return on investment.

How do you work?

We incorporate the right strategy for your restaurant brand by asking your customers, reviewing current data, and looking at ways to improve customer experiences in-store and online.

What kind of ROI are we talking about?

We have seen improvements range from 300% to 500% returns on just online ordering alone, fixing the checkout process, adding up-sells & cross-sells and even improving in-store efficiencies across the board.

Bigger orders. Faster checkouts.
Happier customers.
Give your customers what they want.

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