Custom Gusto/Qu API and UX Development

We build custom Gusto/Qu API POS functionality, and develop upgraded online ordering feature sets and flows for a better omnichannel experience.

Custom Gusto/Qu API and UX Development

Custom Gusto/Qu API and UX Development

We offer technology solutions to increase your restaurant's ROI by developing custom updates to the Gusto/Qu platform specific to your business needs.

Smart Technology

With a singular focus on your unique objectives, we develop and deliver intelligent omnichannel technology solutions for all your Gusto/Qu POS, digital ordering, and UX requirements.

Flexible Enhancements

We leverage the Gusto/Qu API to connect our front-end UX to online ordering, loyalty, and your POS while developing custom, scalable, and responsive apps for mobile, web, or kiosk.

Empower Profitability

As a Gusto/Qu Development Partner, our custom POS and online ordering upgrades help restaurant brands improve guest experiences through increasing order size and improving in-store efficiency.

Custom Gusto/Qu API and UX Development

Exceptional menu management, best-in-class integrations, and superior online ordering, built to enhance an omnichannel experience.

We work closely with you to determine the best Gusto/Qu POS and custom online ordering solution for your brand, and your bottom line.

Chepri® will integrate and enhance the Gusto/Qu API for your specific business rules while creating a POS menu management and online ordering experience that delights guests, improving your brand and increasing revenue. We leverage the Gusto/Qu platform, creating special features and custom functionality, providing your restaurant an onmichannel customer experience from any device.

A Seamless Experience

Delight customers by providing a controlled and consistent digital omnichannel customer experience that is quick, easy to use, and convenient for guests.

Increase Online Ordering

Boost overall takeout volume and sales by adding custom group order flows, integrated upsells, and enhanced loyalty & rewards to the Gusto/Qu platform.

Create More Revenue

Our web app incorporates POS menu enhancements and online ordering UX for your restaurant with custom API functionality attracting and retaining users.

Chepri helps restaurants with technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Let's answer them.

What exactly is it that you guys do?

We're a full-service development company that helps restaurant brands better utilize technology to reach their customers. From mobile apps to integrated online ordering, we can improve your digital investment in many areas.

Is this an off-the-shelf solution?

No. Our services are custom tailored to your brand's unique requirements, not only giving your restaurant a competitive advantage, but serving up your requirements with a maximum return on investment.

How do you work?

We incorporate the right strategy for your restaurant brand by asking your customers, reviewing current data, and looking at ways to improve customer experiences in-store and online.

What kind of ROI are we talking about?

We have seen improvements range from 300% to 500% returns on just online ordering alone, fixing the checkout process, adding up-sells & cross-sells and even improving in-store efficiencies across the board.

Bigger orders. Faster checkouts.
Happier customers.
Give your customers what they want.

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